6-week online course that will radically improve how you lead high performers

(June 8th-July 19th)



*SPECIALLY DESIGNED for beginning coaches, managers, directors, executives or individuals looking to expand their leadership skills

Why invest in your Leadership Development now?


Leadership Development


US companies are spending 166 billion dollars annually on leadership development. This investment will translate directly to more productive, fulfilling relationships, as well as more effective employee development through improved coaching.

Shortcuts to success

In California alone there were 162,000 job posts that listed leadership skills as a key requirement for prospective employees!

Relationships are key

You can learn how to influence the most difficult employee and begin to change the culture of your organization, making you a valuable asset and someone who is in high demand.

Creating a system for success


Have a system for success can set you apart and give you principles that you can apply in any environment.  This system can help you make better decisions.

Successful Partnerships

I am one of the few leadership development coaches that took what I've learned playing on the highest level of sports and implementing those same principles of personal and team success into the corporate world. I've been speaking with Fortune 500 brands, start up companies & coaching top executives, managers & directors just like you to help them redefine how they lead.

I've learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't.


During some dark months of my 1st year out of football, I became a shell of myself! My marriage and the way I parented my kids were the worst!! I had no direction and zero confidence in myself. Then I thought back to the best Coach I ever had. His name was Willie Shaw and he had simple formula.




Understanding your role along with other team members roles will add to the likelihood for overall success.



When you and your team understand the expectations, appropriate alignment and readiness will help with less headaches and better results.



It is very rare to stay the same in any role or position.  Even when external changes happen you must be able to adjust with agility whether dealing with new relationships or how you communicate.



Being able to properly assess the outcomes will help guide you in future decision making, but it all starts with what you want to achieve.


I'd finally cracked the code and I’ve been sharing my system with companies such as Converse, Hiya & the Atlanta Falcons as well as executives, business owners & high profile professional athletes.


I had figured out how to do this over and over again and apply it with different areas of my life.


I continued studying leadership and personal development with my coach until I had it down to a science and I became confident enough to step on stage and deliver my formula to the masses and to organizations (workshops). I’ve been doing it since 2015..and have been reaping the rewards ever since!



Provide a System For Success


One of the best things a leader can do is simplify a process for his or her team. When you can develop a repeatable process that works, especially for new hires, you are bound to succeed. When developing leaders, it's a good idea for them to learn the nuts-n-bolts of it (it's not just about your position or even your character...it's much deeper).







*who struggle to give direction

*who can't change the culture of their team

*who have a tough time making decisions

*who don't understand the foundations of leadership

*who don't want to waste time trying to figure how to influence others

*who refuse to attend costly weekend leadership retreats or seminars

*who want to have the skill of predicting behavior patterns


Guys, I have a message for you (a message I wish I would have given myself 15 years ago)






Data that shows where organizations are dropping the ball.

2018 Gallup poll found that only 18% of managers demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others… That means that 82% of managers aren’t very good at managing their team!!



89% of executives believe strengthening organizational leadership is a top priority for improving company culture.

79% of employees quit do to lack of appreciation.

43% of employees feel appreciated which makes them more confident.





This Virtual Training Camp is offered in 5 learning modules. Each module, released weekly over 6 weeks, includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to your personal and professional life.


Live Q & A weekly zoom calls

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Downloadable tools and templates

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MODULE I: Laying the framework for Leadership

(how mastering these influencers can change your life)


In this module, we will work through the 10-Power Pillars of influence.  After this module you will be able to define and put words to the decisions you make, how to influence others and how to recognize intentions of others maybe before they even know it.  You will have a new type of confidence when you speak with people...even the "big wigs" in your company. 

We'll work through a series of exercises to brainstorm your personal and professional roadmaps so that you can be more impactful.


The Playbook:

-Understanding your own Alignment, Assignment & Adjustments that you need to make to have more influence on others.


-Worksheets that will help you understand the rhyme and reason you follow anyone and why they should follow you.


-Foundational principles that you create for yourself.



MODULE II: Creating Team Culture


Next, we're going to work backwards from what you define as a great culture that you would want to create and spear head in your personal and professional life.  I will show you the steps that need to be taken to be able to want people to not only come to work but do their best work possible.  When the team wins...everybody wins!


The Playbook:

-Being consistent, intentional & clear with how you communicate.


-Understanding positional vs. relational leadership (this can help  change the relationship that you have with the "bad apple(s)" or  misguided individuals of your organization.





MODULE III: Creating Trust


You have the knowledge to lead but gaining someone's trust can create a bond that will allow others to follow you wherever you go.  You have to be open and vulnerable yourself to achieve this.  Creating psychological safety amongst your team is something that can supercharge your leadership and career.


The Playbook:

-My recommended checklist of ways to create psychological safety and why it's important to model them to your team.


-How to easily implement it into your team dynamics.


-Guidelines that will help you when creating safety amongst peers.





MODULE IV: Adapting to Change


Change is a necessity that we all must endure.  Discover new ways of increasing productivity for employees by creating a system that allows for a smooth transition.  these are proven methods that rings true in both sport and business worlds.  Having 7 head coaches and 7 position coaches in 8 years in the NFL along with 2 head coaches and 3 position coaches in college taught me a lot about having a system and mindset in place for change.


The Playbook:

-You will leave with a new sense of value and what positive attributes comes with having a new change in leadership.  It starts with the proper mindset.


-Creating a relational, emotional & cultural roadmap to enable yourself to succeed when change occurs.


-You will understand how to communicate better with your new coworkers no matter what type of work culture there is.


-Managing your emotions is sometimes the biggest issue when there is change and thot's ok.  You will discover new ways of responding to change that will set you apart from everyone else.








MODULE V: Effective Communication and Relatability


Love communicating? Dread speaking with others? No matter what camp you are in, we are going to choose the best strategy for you and make it easy.  You might be surprised to know that most of the experts say that communication is the big reason that corporations/teams fail.  Learn what not to do and ways to start communication better.


The Playbook:

-Learning to put ego aside a communicate effectively and command presence when needed.


-You will understand how to communicate better with your new coworkers no matter what type of work culture there is.


-Learn the science behind effective communication so you can influence others for more productivity.





View points from past students!


Leadership shows up in every part of our lives...even when it comes to leading yourself.



This course has taught me more in 6-weeks than 3 years at my University in terms of leadership. He has taught me that leadership is not about owning people, but how the leader bonds with the teammates to accomplish goals as a team. It is such a privilege to have these precious lessons at an early age. Leadership is something that people neglect the most when it comes to trying to start or grow a career, yet it influences us each and everyday.

Darrel C.

College Student

Alex has provided me with intelligent insights on what defines leadership, ownership, and character that I have been able to apply to my personal growth and career. I have truly experienced personal growth in multiple facets of my life through Alex's teachings and I am very appreciative of his willingness to help others around him succeed. He has a genuine way of connecting with you by utilizing active listening skills to better understand your mindset and your character. Alex Molden is someone that you want to surround youself with because he inspires you to be a better overall leader/individual in this world to inspire personal growth and positivity.

Timmy S.

Sports Event Coordinator & Nike customer service representative

One of my top focuses was to strengthen my role in leadership and communication.  The concepts and system that Alex put me through during our "training camp" helped me 

understand how to build a galvanized team and meet objectives that will help me be a better leader.

Lenar M.

Microsoft Manager

Frequently asked questions




How long will I have access to my course?

That's easy....forever!  Even if you forget your password & username. You will also have access to the private FB group for ever.

How can I get more access to you Alex?

One email away! info@alexmoldenspeaks.com or

call (800) 818-2799

What if I miss the zoom call?

No worries, all platinum & diamond members will get a email with the recording.

How do I get access to my personality test?

When you sign-up you will get a link to go and take your test, you will then have access to view it and keep it.

How much time will it take per day to complete this course?

The modules are "dripped out" to you every Monday. If you spend 30-60 mins (listening to the audio or short video clips, taking notes and completing the quizes) per day you should get the full benefit of the course.

How many people are you allowing into your course?

The goal is to keep this group intimate so I will only be allowing 20 people per session.


6-week course

Perfect for those who just started in their leadership journey...no matter what the environment.



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6-week course

For those who are looking for a fast-pass to becoming a more effective leader which starts by first understanding how you work and how you make decisions (especially when it comes to leading high performers.)



(payment plan available)

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